4 Compact Small Blue LED Lights with Transformer Wood Deck Yard Garden Patio Stairs Landscape Outdoor Flush Mount Installation Kit

Posted on April 14, 2017 By

Expand the functionality of your outdoor living space with these ultra bright high qualit LED light kit. Plug and Play installation allows you to connect and expand on the number of like pinned lights (2Pin) without the mess of cutting and splicing wires. Lights are quick and easy to install and result in a virtually flush apperance that looks great on deck surfaces. Applications of LED Lights can also include: Garden Path Lighting, Fence Lighting, Stair Lighting, Ceiling Lighting, Closet or Cabinet Lighting. For other available 2Pin LED Installation Kits search the Standard Product ID provided after description: (1) 10 Compact Blue + Transformer (2) 10 Compact White + Transformer (3) 4 Compact White + Transformer

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