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Discover The History Of Aquaponics: Who Invented Aquaponics? You Decide

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In this article we are going to look at the good aquaponics. There is a lot of argument when it comes to the history of aquaponics.

People argue whether the Chinese were the very first people to really use aquaponics or even if it was the Aztecs. These 2 camps will never agree.

However; are you going to allow me to give you a short history of aquaponics and let you decide for yourself who had been the inventors of aquaponics?

With your permission then I will carry on…

The Ancient Chinese And Aquaponics

The Chinese had a system in use within the 6th century. They reared other poultry in cages. These cages experienced partial open floors. These starting were above ponds of finfish.

The “waste” from the ducks would certainly feed the finfish. These sneaky Chinese farmers also reared catfish in another pond which the drinking water from the finfish drained. So any kind of excess waste would be supplied towards the catfish.

If there was any “leftover food” it went to the paddy areas to help the rice grow. This was a system in harmony exactly where nothing went to waste.

Aquaponics And The Aztecs

The Aztec when it reached “aquaponics” called their system “chinampas”. In the Aztec system these people grew a variety of crops including maize, squash and other plants on rafts in water which were used to back fish too.

The Aztecs had been using their systems from the 1400’s onwards.

So who do you favor? Myself I go for the Chinese for any truer “aquaponics system”. However as I state the debate is fierce.

How Did We Get From The Chinese and The Aztec To Modern Aquaponics Systems?

Let all of us start in 1969 shall we? Meet John and Nancy Todd who else along with William McLarney founded the particular New Alchemy Institute.

They labored on building a “proto-ark” which was to be self-sufficient, powered by solar and will allow a family to survive year-round using all natural methods.

An Aquaponics History: The 1980’s

We move on to Mark McMurty and Professor Doug Sanders who else created the first “closed loop” aquaponics program.

In their system “poop” through the fish tank was used to “trickle irrigate” cucumber and tomatoes which were grown within sand beds. These sand mattresses were also bio-filters used to thoroughly clean the water for the fish.

An Aquaponics History: The 1990’s

Next we have to find out about Tom and Paula Sperano. These pioneers revised McMurty and Sanders methods to create their “bionic concept.”

The Sperano’s grew vegetables and herbs inside a flow and ebb system making use of gravel grow beds irrigated simply by nutrient rich water supplied by the 2200 liter tank being used to boost Tilapia.

The Sperano’s were the very first people to use gravel grow bedrooms that worked properly in aquaponics. Their system was seen as therefore effective it’s now been duplicated throughout the world.

Most people who have a backyard aquaponics garden will have probably based their particular system on the “bionic concept” the Sperano’s first introduced. So that’s the way we get to modern aquaponics we know plus love today.

From the historic Chinese of the 6th century in order to being able to have a backyard aquaponics system correct in your own backyard so you can grow refreshing produce all year round.

Aquaponics History The Conclusions

As you can see aquaponics will go way back in history and been utilized by civilizations successfully.

I haven’t described aquaculture in South East Asia or the Egyptian who used drinking water and fish to grow plants.

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