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Disguising Your Oil Tank in the Garden

Posted on September 23, 2017 By

Domestic heating essential oil tanks are essential for many properties, specifically rural homes, as they are used to shop the oil needed to heat their particular homes. Regardless of their necessity, heating system oil tanks aren’t the many attractive of objects to have in your garden.

As well as producing your tank more aesthetically pleasing, hiding your tank can also help to avoid oil thefts.

Here are a handful of tips on how to disguise your oil container:

  • Build a shed close to your heating oil tank. The shed will need to have large doors to ensure that the entire tank can match through, in case the container needs replacing, and preferably not have to get of a wood construction in the event of a fire. The container also needs to be well lit plus easily accessible for filling, including enough roof height. Making the drop bigger than required for the tank may also ensure there is enough ventilation close to the tank.
  • Put the trellis fence around your essential oil tank. Trellis is a great way to conceal a tank and can be offered with your garden theme and colours. Make sure you have a gate or entry on one side so that the container is easily accessible for filling plus maintenance. You could even cover the trellis with hanging vines to generate even more of a disguise.
  • Build a wall around your household oil tank. Using concrete obstructs or cement you could build a walls around your oil tank, yet be sure to leave plenty of space with regard to ventilation around the tank. Be sure not to block the container in as it’ll need to be available for the driver to inspect just before his delivery and for filling plus maintenance. Once the wall is usually in place, you can decorate the area with plants; however these types of you will need to move these out of the way before your delivery is built to ensure that there are no hazards for your delivery driver. Potted plants will have to be moved before the shipping. If any plants are place in permanently, they need to not be of the height that would impede the shipping, and not have thorns that would trigger injury to the driver during the delivery.
  • Surround the container with tall plants. You’ll have to leave adequate space around the tank, but plants and shrubbery such as holly and boxwood offer good coverage when they are completely grown. Grasses such as pampas lawn are also quite popular as they don’t consider long to grow. Pots in plant life would need to be moved before the delivery.
  • Get creative. If you’re feeling particularly creative you could decide to paint your oil tank — although done poorly you could appeal to even more attention to it! We’ve noticed everything from Dougal (the Magic Roundabout Character) to giant watermelons plus marrows, to Thomas the Tank Engine!

Whatever disguise you choose, accessibility and safety is key. Let us know your favourite choice below.

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