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Garden Decking – Bring Your Living Room and Garden Together

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Garden decking is going to be a vital part in our landscaping around the house. On one side of our property, the earth drops away dramatically as it types a wooded valley. This is usually our land, too, and right now there before it can not be built upon. It is also north-facing which can be the blessing in the summer when temperatures frequently hit the mid-thirties.

My idea is to form a wood trestle structure off of a cement base and then place wood decking to form a walkway and sitting down out area raised up over the void. This will provide an excellent vantage point and give each needed shade and excellent sights over the valley. I see it like a quiet refugee in our garden.

I' ve always liked the thought of ​​garden decking although I feel that will in many cases it is not used to its complete advantage. Perhaps the civil professional in me thinks that wood decking is a form of pavement and therefore must lead somewhere and serve some purpose. That does not always mean you can not use decking for your backyard if it is not quite on the scale associated with ours (9 hectares).

To my mind, the idea of ​​garden decking is to take the front room into the backyard – an extension of the patio doorways, sometimes or, a way of getting at the garden without risk of wrecking the plants (in the manner from the way in which decking is used in character reserves to protect the natural habitat).

The idea is to obtain ' up close and personal' together with your garden and not just see the vegetation and trees through a pane associated with glass. Whether the garden decking is usually connected to the house or it accesses an area which would otherwise be ' out of bounds' (eg over a pond) or if it is a quiet protect away from the house does not make any difference.

Timber decking is the standard however are other types. It is easily customizable by a vast range of different ornamental formats or color-wise via various stains and oils. My choice for timber treatment – regrettably regular maintenance is a requisite associated with anything made of wood – is usually teak oil which is a bit costly but goes on easy, is very long lasting and which brings out the organic good looks of the wood.

Back to my planning. I can not wait to find the trestles up and on with all the garden decking

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