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Garrowby Hill by David Hockney

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Garrowby Hill is a landscape artwork of a location in Yorkshire, England and serves as one of the best paintings so far from living artist, David Hockney. The painting is normally displayed within the United States but recently grew to become part of an impressive Hockney exhibition which usually went on display at the Royal Academy in London.

David Hockney is really a Yorkshireman who continues to spend a lot of your time in the region and is one the greatest enthusiasts of the natural beauty to be found in this region associated with England. Hockney found Garrowby Hill to be an ideal spot for an artwork in 1998, offering swirling highways amidst stunning greenery and a collection of coloured fields which suited their painting style.

This art work includes a great amount of detail on the trees and shrubs which sits either side from the main road and one can imagine this particular road being very enjoyable for just about any motorists making their way through this panoramic route. It is believed that this city of York may not be far from this specific location.

Exhibitions of David Hockney require a rounding up of their work from all across the world, which usually underlines his global appeal. The amount of work now attributed to the designer mean that genre specific exhibitions will also be now possible, as seen together with his recent exhibition in London in the Royal Academy which focused within on landscape work.

Please take time to learn more about this stunning landscape artwork and perhaps even join in on one from the Hockney tours which take a person through the Yorkshire countryside via the numerous locations of several of his important paintings. Those in the United States may not be able to do that and so rather might investigate the locations associated with his American-based works, such as within Malibu plus also the Grand Canyon where he produced several gorgeous paintings.

An exciting fact regarding Garrowby Hill is that it came in the beginning of a period where the artist tackled British landscapes and as such there are many a lot more to see in a similar vein for all those already impressed by that particular artwork. There are also blog posts online which usually outline several people’s journeys to spots and provide photographs of the real scene that Hockney would have observed at that time, with clear similarities but additionally some artistic license clearly additional once he returned to their studio to start work.

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