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Landscaping – When to Use Large Stones

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Large stones plus rocks can add beauty to your own landscape so don’t be afraid to use them! Stones are a natural match to your yard and they offer an appealing aesthetic that prefabricated landscaping design materials cannot. A well placed rock and roll can dramatically change the look of the outdoor space.

Rocks can stand-alone, developing a dramatic focal point or they can be interspersed among the flowers in your flowerbed or even to offset the greenery within your yard.

There are many projects that may enhance the look of your yard making use of large stones. Building a water fountain out of large flat rock can make a wall for a waterfall. They may also become a feature by planting low-lying plants around them and maybe several colourful perennial flowers in front. This creates a very natural look. Need a fence? Try building a rock and roll wall. Large stones can build a very long-lasting and durable fence plus they are very low maintenance too!

Large rocks can be very functional as well as aesthetic. Try using them to keep your soil through eroding on slopes or slope areas in your landscape. They are weed killers too! Do you might have an awkward place, perhaps about decks or your hot tub, exactly where those weeds keep popping up plus looking rather nasty? Try smartly placing large stones around the region to prevent those pesky weeds from emerging. They can also be used to help with drainage around foundations. A proper placed stone can divert drinking water away from your home and out of your basement!

Stones can also create beautiful patios plus walkways. Flagstone is a natural rock and roll that achieves a beautiful look in outside installations. Flagstone is easy to set up and great for the do-it-yourselfer. It is naturally slip resistant and incredibly durable, perfect for pathways and patios.

There are many unique ways you can make use of large stones to add attractiveness to your yard. Just occurs imagination!

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