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Retaining Walls Can Add Beauty to Your Landscape Design

Posted on March 12, 2018 By

Retaining walls are not just useful for soil erosion anymore. With the particular vast variety of materials available for keeping walls, and the many configurations you may use for your retaining wall design, there is certainly plenty of room for creativity as well as the opportunity to further beautify your own landscaping.

Garden retaining wall space can stabilize a slope and stop soil erosion, but they can also team plants and garden areas, that paths.

There are many various kinds of retaining walls, such as the conventional piled masonry blocks, bricks or organic stone. Glass / concrete components are available in many textures and shades and can resemble anything from standing to wood.

Every panorama has different types of soil and sloping, and your choice of material should lead to the perfect retaining wall system, including beauty and stability to your own landscape design.

Different Types of Retaining Wall Materials:

Mortarless / Dry Stacked Concrete Block

Mortarless plus dry stacked concrete have obtained popularity because they are manufactured to aligned perfectly with no grout required. The blocks are also self aligning as well as the fit is perfectly straight plus level. Another advantage to mortarless and dry stacked concrete stop is it can be disassembled and relocated at a later date if you want to make adjustments to your landscape in the future.

Poured concrete walls

Poured concrete retaining walls are useful within areas where the soil is volatile or heavy, and work well within steeper slopes. Poured concrete wall space can also be molded, colored and refined to mimic virtually any designer materials you wish.

Architectural Concrete Façade Elements

Architectural concrete façade elements can be made to look like brick veneer, polished stone, plus wood. You can add other products to your façade such as cornices, column bases, and any kind of decoration or statuary. The beautiful consequence of installation of concrete facades can be really amazing.

Wooden retaining walls

Wood used as a keeping wall will give your landscape an all natural look. The drawback to making use of wood is it is affected by dampness, insects, and rot, so cannot stand the test of time like other keeping wall materials. (

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