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Stainless Steel Paver Wall Light – LED Bronze

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Stainless Steel Paver Wall Light – LED Bronze

Boyero Paver Lamp enhances the beauty of your home and garden by providing a landscape light that is ideal for retaining walls, seat walls, fire pits, decorative paver walls or stone slate steps.

– Cast stainless steel construction and bronze aluminum exterior plate with 6 feet of G-Lux lead wire.

– Works with existing low voltage landscape lighting systems.

– Long lasting powerful LED strip lighting Warm White, color temperature wave length 3250 Kelvin. Consumes only 1.5 Watt of power

– 12V DC (9V to 14.8V range), 65 lumen.


Introducing our latest paver wall lights model that uses replaceable LED strip lights instead of our traditional LED bulbs. LED strip lights have an expected life expectancy of 30,000 hours, however in case you ever need to replace them, they are replaceable without having to damage your installation because LED strip lights come in cartridges connected to lead wires via GLUX plug and play connectors. (see photos)


A 12V DC transformer is required in order to power the lights. Transformers are not included with the lights and must be purchased separately.


12-volt fixtures take power from cable that can be used above or below ground and generally does not need to be housed in conduit or buried as deep as 120-volt wiring. 12 AWG is the most standard, however, for cable runs of over 100′, 10 AWG or 8 AWG is recommended.


LED strip lights come with a one year warranty. For any issues related to LED lights not working properly please use the Contact Seller feature in Amazon.


Leave enough cable to allow for the GLUX connector to be reachable and allow for the replacement of the LED light cartridge.

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