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Tips For the Challenge of Steep Hill Landscaping

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There a few plants that are good choices for high hill planting. If planted properly they can prevent future erosion. Ground hugging shrubs like Blue Rug junipers are a good choice, along with groundcover evergreens. Pebbles and shrubs will certainly just wash away, so it is better to avoid these. Larger stones will certainly settle better, and along with the shrubs, can go a long way in chafing prevention.

Another tip for high hill landscaping is to plant trees and shrubs that develop extensive root systems. The trees can provide shade whilst also stabilizing the soil. The stabilized soil can make landslides more unlikely.

Flower gardens are yet another high hill landscaping idea that is easy a simple way to add color. Steep hills might not have any other practical use, take a look at beautify the area with a wide variety of flowering blooms. Making the paved pathway or adding methods can help prevent erosion while providing a nice access up and down the slope.

A retaining wall could be the most essential addition to any high hill. If you plant trees and shrubs, shrubs or flowers on your slope you will need to have an effective way to place them watered. Watering on a hill may present a new set of issues. The water will run down the hill before being properly soaked up while also adding to erosion. The retaining wall is a structure to avoid landslides of dirt, rocks plus plants. It can help keep the soil from flowing down along with watering and rain.

The keeping wall should be several feet greater than the current soil level. This will keep the accumulated soil through overflowing. The retaining wall also provides an added measure of protection as a landslide from your property could be a dangerous liability to the house owner.

A steep hill can be an image perfect addition to any home, but additionally a challenge to find solutions to landscape. By using these tips for steep hill gardening you will add beauty to your panorama while also helping your property to outlive many years of the natural components that can lead to erosion and landslides.

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